Delivery of goods

The goods are delivered within 2 - 5 working days (Monday - Friday) after payment confirmation.

Delivery is possible ONLY in the territory of Lithuania. The delivery price is automatically included in the price of the order, unless there are special offers on the website that provide free delivery. The goods are delivered through the courier service, we deliver the goods to the Curonian Spit by Lithuanian Post.

All goods sold in the e-shop are delivered in Lithuania according to the delivery method chosen at the time of purchase: "Delivery to a post office in Lithuania", "Delivery to home in Lithuania" or "Delivery to the parcel terminal LP EXPRESS".

 Delivery rates:

  • Delivery to a post office in Lithuania - 2.32 Eur;
  • Home delivery in Lithuania - 2.90 Eur;
  • Delivery to the parcel terminal LP EXPRESS - 2.31 Eur;


Delivery terms:

  • Home delivery in Lithuania - 5-6 working days;
  • Delivery to the parcel terminal LP EXPRESS - 5-6 working days;
  • Delivery to a post office in Lithuania - 8–10 working days. 

Delivery to the specified address with the courier service

The goods are delivered to the specified address within 1-5 days. from order confirmation. The day before the delivery of the product, you will be informed by a short message about the dispatch of the product, change of status. On the day of delivery about the delivery time of the shipment 1 hour. you will be informed by an SMS message (delivery of goods takes place I-V 08:00 - 18:00).


Delivery prices:

  • Delivery fee up to 1 kg - € 2.99.
  • Delivery fee over 1 kg - € 3.49
  • Delivery fee over 5 kg - € 4.49.
  • Delivery fee over 10 kg - € 5.99.
  • Delivery fee over 15 kg - € 6.99.
  • Delivery fee over 20 kg - € 9.99.
  • Delivery fee over 30 kg - € 14.99.

We deliver goods to the Curonian Spit for an additional fee of 16.99 Eur.


The receipt of goods

When accepting or collecting the ordered goods, check the condition of the shipment (s) and sign the invoice (bill of lading) or other delivery-acceptance document of the shipment. In case you notice any violations of the appearance of the consignment and / or the product (s), discrepancies in the assembly of the product (s) during the delivery-acceptance of the goods, be sure to mark it on the invoice, bill of lading or other delivery-acceptance document and in the presence of our representative, who delivered (presented) the shipment to you, write a report of damage / non-compliance of the free-form shipment and / or product (s). If you do not take these steps, we will not be liable for:

  1. damage to goods, provided that the cause of such damage is not factory defects;
  2. discrepancies in the composition of the goods, if these discrepancies can be identified during the external inspection of the goods.