Takt Timer 7688 4X7 WiFi

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Manufacturing process Takt timer 4X7segmX100mm with WiFi and memory


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Production tact counter and timer. Manufacturing companies use LED production counters to keep an accurate count and synchronize production cycle and provide a visible information to both employers and employees. In this case, Altegra Electronics production takt counters are the perfect and affordable solution for small companies looking for a simple production counter or larger companies looking for a more sophisticated data-tracking system.
  • Wi-Fi access to counter interface with web based detailed reports
  • Real time information
  • Highly visible 105mm digits
  • Engage operators
  • Automatic data capture and store up to 2 years history
  • Historical Analytics
  • Browser based reports or .csv RAW data download
  • Can push data to external database directly
  • Supports RPC JSON input form other counters or equipment
  • Takt count down function
  • Cycle Metrics
  • Time interval o shifts based statistics