End mill V1-0.1 3.175mm 20 degree L33/D3.175 A

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20 degree cone end mill with one cutting edge and 0.1mm tip, intended for soft materials. Cutting diameter 3.175mm, length of cut 8mm, shank diameter 3.175mm, overal length 33mm.


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20 degree cone end mill with one cutting edge and sharp 0.1mm tip. Depending on the depth of engraving evenly increases the width of engraving. Universal end mill for soft materials. Perfect for wood engraving.
It's to sharp for printed circuit boards. We recomend to use 30 and more degree end mills because of a very fragile tip.
Not recomended for non-ferrous metals engraving. When milling plastic it starts to heat up and tousle the material but with sufficient cooling/lubrication is working very well.
Not suitable for steel and abrasive materials.

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